Cut Your Own Christmas Tree At Dirr Nurseries Tree Farm ....


Payment Options for 2019: Cash / Check (no Credit Cards) Limited communications in our area has led to lengthy credit card processing delays in past years. In an attempt eliminate checkout delays, we have elected not to accept Credit Cards for the 2019 season ... Thank You


For the 2019 season, Dirr Nurseries Christmas Tree Farm will be offering a large selection of Cut-Your-Own White Pines, and Ball & Burlap Christmas Trees.  If you are looking for a big tree, you will find it here without a big price. Celebrate Christmas this year with a real tree. Open the day after Thanksgiving to Dec 21. To find out more about our Christmas Trees, click on the species below:


The following Ball & Burlap & Cut-Your-Own Christmas Trees are available ...

Open 9-5 Every day until Dec 21


Dirr Nurseries Aerial PhotoAs Always ....

Saws are provided to help your family harvest the perfect tree.

Stay warm in your own car. At our tree farm, you can drive out to your desired field on our 3000 feet of all-weather roads.

 For your convenience, our trained professionals, with over 40 years of experience, will shake, bale, and secure your tree to any vehicle. Some of our trees have to travel as far as Washington DC; securing the tree shouldn't be in the hands of the unskilled/untrained. 

Also be sure to stop in, relax, grab a few cookies and some of Grandma's world-famous hot cocoa.

On the way to the petting zoo to feed the animals stop by the life size nativity display to show the kids what Christmas is all about. They also make for great photo opportunities.

Grandpa Dirr hates standing in long lines and doesn't expect his customers to do so. You can be in and out of here in less than 15 min if you choose to do so. Getting a Christmas tree shouldn't be a stressful occasion. 

Snap a family picture on our full-size Santa sleigh; designed and built right here on the farm.

Take a free ride around the farm in a one-horse open carriage and show kids and grandkids how travel used to be. 

We offer all of these services free of charge as a gift from our family to yours!


2019 Cut-your-own trees are a flat price, the size does not matter.  

Wanting to use a live tree this Christmas? Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


White Pine


*The Senator's Choice*

The Eastern White Pine makes an ideal Christmas Tree because they hold their needles well, even long after being harvested. They are also well suited for people with allergies. The White Pine is fun to decorate at Christmas with its soft, flowing green needles and is native to the northeast. 

 The White Pine is available as:
"Cut-Your-Own" - Up to 15 ft.
Live "Ball & Burlap" - Up to 8 ft.

Norway Spruce


Did You Know*

The Norway Spruce, native to the Black Forest in Germany is a popular Christmas tree due to its color, the branch strength, and symmetrical shape. Legend has it that Martin Luther, in Germany, was inspired by this tree to decorate it and use its evergreen qualities as a symbol for Christmas. It is believed to be the first actual Christmas tree. 

The Norway Spruce has short needles, which are less than one inch in length. These needles are stiff and pointed and sharp to the touch. The color is a glossy dark green. Many people select spruce for the strength of its branches, as they comfortably support heavy ornaments.

The Norway Spruce is available as:
Live "Ball & Burlap" - 5 to 7 ft.