Dirr Nurseries Tree Farm

In the 1950's while paging through an outdoor magazine, in our Cincinnati home, I saw an ad for pine seedlings that could be planted for Christmas trees. I knew nothing about growing Xmas trees. But I did have some land to plant on. I planted 1000 seedlings scotch pine two years in a row (1955 and 1956 ) did everything wrong, weeds and grass choked out the little trees. They all died.

A few years later in 1959, I married Margie, purchased a little farm and started planting pine seedlings. I continued planting each year. As I gradually gained knowledge and experience my successes increased and my failure rate went down. As our 4 children started showing interest in the trees they were given as much work as they wanted to do.

By the late 1960's people were knocking on our door wanting to purchase a Christmas tree. We quickly found ourselves in the cut-your-own Christmas tree business.

Early on I was advised to start with scotch pine and as I gained experience I could go on to more difficult varieties to grow.This was good advice and I followed it. By 1970 we were growing scotch pine, white pine, spruce and balsam fir, and local landscapers were wanting dug live plants. We were in the nursery business.

Our children and grandchildren have worked either full time or summer vacations on the farm while my wife Margie has handled the business end of the nursery. During this time we have also employed many neighborhood high school and college students during summer breaks. For many it was their first real job.

At present we are a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm and ball-and-burlap tree nursery.

Tom and Margie Dirr
Dirr Nurseries