Dirr Nursery for Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees

Wholesale Christmas Trees


Since 1968, Grandpa Dirr has been raising Christmas Trees for the wholesale buyer. All trees are raised on our farm located just East of Cincinnati, Ohio. We offer White Pine, Scotch Pine, and Norway Spruce.

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Privacy & Screening TreesPrivacy, & Windbreak Trees

Ready for Spring Planting

For screening and privacy put our low priced, fast growing evergreens to work. As these trees grow they will add value to your property and in a few years will become a high return real estate investment.

This fall we are featuring our WHITE PINES. Our white pines are fast growing, reach a height of 50 to 80 feet, have a mature spread of 20 to 30 feet, do well in full or partial sun and like well-drained, moist, acidic  soils

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Deer Problem


Trees and shrubs suffer in two ways from deer. Antler rubbing goes from late August until mid January.  Feeding (eating) can occur at any time of year but seems especially bad from mid December until the first of May on many plants including White Pine.

A zero cost method that I have seen reduce damage to zero is as follows:
Take thin plastic grocery or supermarket carry out bags, cut vertically in half so they don't fill with rainwater, tying a half bag to each tree you wish to protect.

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Ball-and-Burlapped Pine Tree


Based on 70 years working with woody landscape plants here in the HEAVY CLAY SOILS found in the Greater Cincinnati area I offer the following suggestions on planting your balled and burlapped trees.

1) Place your tree in a cool, shady place and cover the rootball with mulch if you cannot plant the tree for a few days. Be sure to keep the roots moist until planting time.

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